Mark of Plymouth's Fletching Shoppe

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Welcome to Mark of Plymouth's humble fletcher's shoppe.  Please shake the rain from your cloak and pull up a stool over here by the fire.  Although many other craftsmen are involved in making an archer's equipment, craftsmen like the bowyers, arrow smiths (makers of arrow heads) and stringers, fletching is the art of arrow making.  Here you'll find 7 simple steps for selecting modern arrow components for me to assemble into a cost effective and (if needed) historically accurate arrow.  I'm an English archer from the 14th century so I concentrate on arrows from Western Europe, however if you have a more exotic arrow in mind I'll be glad to help.

How does this work then?

Simple.  Get a pen and paper then work through the 7 steps making a note for each one for each part.  At the end you'll have a list that I can then convert to the best priced components for you to buy from an approved supplier.  Once bought you can give me the bits and I'll put them together.  My prices for doing this vary (see About Me for that and my contact info) but if you don't want me to put them together at the very least you'll have some free information for which to buy your arrow components. 

Oh, and if you're after some reproduction medieval arrows that are basically going to be "wall hangers" (the type of arrows that we usually mount our best reproduction arrowheads on and are usually used for talks and displays) then you'll want to skip straight on to Beyond Step 7 - Reproduction Medieval Arrows.  Here I'll tell you about my 1/2" diameter, 32" long, horn re-enforced reproduction arrows that look like the ones you'll see in a museum but won't cost you the earth.

Good luck with your selection and good shooting.  Move on to Step 1 - Who Are You And What Are You Doing Shooting Arrows or straight to Beyond Step 7.

Good luck!