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About Me

My name is Mark of Plymouth and I "play" the role of a 14th century English archer in the SCA (Society of Creative Anachronisms).  Many professional archers of this period were reliant on other work during peacetime and as Richard Wadge says in "Arrowstorm"...

"The effect of the seasons on work was of course most obvious in the agricultural year, but affected other activities as well, so that mining tended to be a summer activity to lessen the risks of flooding and shoemakers were busiest in the autumn as people prepared for winter weather.  This seasonality often led to both men and women havinga range of part time work making up their working year.  They might work in more than one trade or commercial activity, sometimes working for themselves, perhaps on their own land, and at other times working for wages.  This approach to work left gaps in the year where military service as an archer could be fitted in if the man chose."


Over the years I've made quite a few arrows and researched how to make a historically accurate looking arrow with limited supplies too.  It seemed natural to work in my experience as a fletcher into my peronsa and offer my knowledge and skill to others who require arrows.  Pre-made arrows can be expensive, however once the correct component parts are selected and bought I'm happy to assemble them.  This site offers information on how to select the correct component parts from commercially available websites and allow you the option of putting them together yourself or passing them to me to assemble.

As a 14th century fletcher I wouldn't have worked for free, however my services can be bought for favours and other things (glug, glug, burp and jingle jangle!)  Just contact me and make me an offer... 

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