Mark of Plymouth's Fletching Shoppe

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Step 1 - Who Are You and What Are You Doing Shooting Arrows?

First step is finding out who you are and which century your persona lives in.  Then I need to find out what your persona needs these particular arrows for.  Are they to hunt game or arrows to hunt humans?  This will help me tailor the whole look of the arrow to get something a near historically correct as possible.

So are you an ninth century viking needing arrows to raid Paris?  Or are you a fifteenth century noble woman looking  to hunt deer in the New Forest?  A hunting arrow will usually have a bit more coin spent on it (as it will be re-used) and may be a bit more fancy to reflect the status of the owner.  A standard military arrow on the other hand would be one made without a thought to the archer who'd shoot it, therefore it'll be plainer and more standard.

That's not to say a viking or a yeoman might not want to have some fancy hunting arrows, but I need to know what the arrow for this batch is going to be used for.  We all know you're not going to really hunt deer or shoot knights with these arrows but just like your garb the arrow needs to look the part.  So ...

Write down your time frame e.g. 12th century, 1334AD -1378AD, Tudor etc.

Write down your use for the arrows e.g. war, hunting, standard issue militia for a castle guard etc.

Now let's move on to Step 2 - The Shaft