Mark of Plymouth's Fletching Shoppe

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Step 7 - Conclusion

So now you've got a list of 15 (give or take) items that looks something like this ...

Your time frame.

Your persona's use for the arrows.

Poundage of the bow you are shooting from.

Length of the arrows you require.

Diameter of the shafts you require.

The type of nock you require.

Number of fletchings per arrow.

The colours of your fletchings.

The length of the fletch.

The style cut of the fletch.

Type of binding.

Colour of the thread.

Type of arrow head.

Arrowhead weight.

Now you send me that list via Facebook or e-mail ([email protected]) and I'll advise you if you need to tweek your options a bit or a list of what you need to order and where from.  Then it's just a simple case of you purchasing those bits (from the supplier I list or another supplier if you want) and then passing them to me.  Anything you do not need to get e.g. thread (because I'll supply that) I'll make clear when I e-mail you back.  Then all you have to do is sit back and wait for me to make your arrows up, get them back to you and you "pay" me with what ever deal we've agreed to (e.g. glug, glub, burp - thought not always if you've got something else to trade I'm always on the look out).  Easy peasy.

Right then young sir/madam, if you'd like to take your cloak and mind your step on the way out.  Good day to you and thank you for your custom!

Still here?  Then you must be curious About  Me or perhaps my special arrows in Beyond Step 7?  If not then I really must be getting on with some work.  That Sir Alan has me making up all sorts of military arrows for his household.  Who knows why they need replacing so often what with our current peace treaty with France ... hmmmm?